Spirit Guide Guidance

How the Universal spirit guidance card pull works is I meditate and connect my spirit guides with yours. I send the reading via messenger or email. Typically no question is asked, it’s an universal guidance on what you need to know during this time. What does the universe wish you to know on your journey? Usually with this any questions lingering are answered. It provides you with the right answers at the right time. Depending on the moon phase and planet alighnments will also play a factor in the energy of the reading. As soon as I receive the funds is when I prepare a reading specifically for you. 

you can email moonsisterstribe@yahoo.com if you’re interested or find us on fb and send a private message for more details.

These are the prices for a reading.

1 Card is $7, 3 cards is $25, 5 cards is $40, 7 cards is $65, 9 cards is $80.

Payment is accepted via PayPal.



Introduction to the Tribe

Moon Sisters Tribe is a co-creation of Mother and Daughter. My mom and I created the Tribe on 1-1-17 so we can connect with Moon Sisters all over the world. We all have wisdom and experience to share. We all have a beautiful story of our journey. Part of our story is to uplift the energy of our vibrations and the vibrations of others to that of Love and Light. We all have this magnificent magic within us all just waiting to be unlocked. All of our souls are entering an awakening, a spiritual evolution. It is time we connect and unite together. As we rise together so does our power of manifestation.


As the planets align and the universe starts to align like-minded souls, you will soon see that you will be drawn to others like you and others will be drawn to you. Collective Intertwined souls on a journey of self enlightenment will find each other and raise their vibrations of positive energy, love and light together. They will bring the universe into a new era, a spiritual evolution.