Vibe of the Tribe

We are spiritual beings from all over the world coming together to create the Moon Sisters Tribe. We are here to lift our vibration and the vibrations of the world in a positive and loving light through Moon rituals, creating magic, meditations, working with stones and an exchange of experience and knowledge.

Art work by, Kendra Hirons

If you would like to join our private group, Moon Sisters Tribe 🌙 , for sisters only the link is below.

We also have a group, The Moon Tribe, for both Moon Sisters and Moon Brothers.

We also have group, Natural Earth Healers, for those interested in the natural healing Mother Earth provides for us.


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    1. We have a private group on fb with women from all over. If you join you can see if there are any local sister, but also that collectively within we are a tribe as well. ❤️

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