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Collective Dharma 7•24•20

I wanted to pull some collective Dharma energy cards. Right now we don’t even realize that karmic debts are being paid, karmic healing is taking place and Dharmas are being revealed. The cards you choose are either a message of what you need to transmute in order to moved forward or what you need to embrace in order to rise in your Soul’s Divine Purpose.

Your dharma means your purpose in life. Your dharma is your true calling – what you were put here to do. I want you to really let your intuition guide you in this. If you’re drawn to multiple cards that’s ok. On the other side of each image is a word and the teachings of Buddha associated to this word. Pick a card or cards that you’re drawn to.

Take a moment and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply and ask Spirit to guide you to the cards for you. Open your eyes and follow your intuition as you choose your cards. You may be guided to multiple cards. Every feeling is relevant.

Leave your chosen cards in the comments below. Feel free to share this post and tag a friend who may need some guidance as well.

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Dharma Cards by, Priya Hemenway

Card 1 is Becoming a Buddha

1 ~ Becoming a Buddha

The silence that follows awakening is rich and overflowing with joy. It is not a silence that can be practiced. It has its own unique flavor.

The innocence that comes from knowing yourself is pure and beyond duality. It is free of divisions and follows no rules. In total awareness, a Buddha becomes one with existence.

A Buddha harms no one. Love and truth and compassion are present, and a Buddha moves with awareness.

There is nothing that can be learned in order to awaken. There are no prayers to say or rituals to perform. No amount of reading will get you there and no one can do it for you. Simply watch the desires that arise in your mind and let them drop away. Even the longing to awaken must finally be abandoned, and when that disappears, your Buddha is born.

Card 2 is Thoughts

2 ~ Thoughts

Reduce your thoughts to objects and your mind will be less powerful. Look for the arguments you always use, the defenses you create, and the clever ways you see things. Look for the ways in which you repeat yourself and the many times you try to tell someone how well you behave. If you can begin to laugh at yourself, you have taken a huge step.

Watch the way you unconsciously move through your life and see yourself like a drunken driver of a car. You are not in control and you are heading for disaster. Why does this happen? Are there patterns that repeat? What are they and how do they set themselves up? Where did you learn them and why do you not know how to stop?

The human mind is one of the most sophisticated mechanisms in existence and it and it is capable off such great things. Allow yourself to become the master and kick that old drunk out of the drivers seat.

Card 3 is Forgetfulness

3 ~ Forgetfulness

Your mind is very cunning. It is quick to argue and happy to postpone. It will surprise you with the number of tricks it can conjure up and the ploys it can subvert your best intentions with. This is when discipline becomes so important.

If you really want to experience who you are, you’ll find of helpful to set up a practice. Find a time and a place where you will not be distracted, and just sit there for fifteen or twenty minutes. Use this small segment of time to watch your mind. Don’t try to still or or change its ways. Concentrate, instead, on a part of your body. Just keep your attention there. Soon you will see your mind creep in. All of a sudden you’ve forgotten where you are. You’re lost in some thought about tomorrow.

Catch yourself and bring your awareness back. Do it again and again and soon you’ll begin to see for yourself how difficult it really is. You’ll soon understand that your mind is in control and that you are quite helpless. But if you persevere, you’ll encounter small moments of peaceful sitting, and these small moments will grow into larger ones.

Card 4 is Collecting Honey

4 ~ Collecting Honey

Buddha sent his monks from house to house begging for food. This was called madhukari — collecting honey like a bee. They would accept only a few morsels at each home, never very much, and they’d never go to the same place twice, so they couldn’t be a burden.

See yourself as a bee and become aware when you want too much. See yourself as a bee and let the days go by without repeating what you’ve done before. Your awareness will grow. Desire and greed are perfectly fine, but you’ll be better served if you can catch them before they possess you.

See yourself as a bee and receive what you’re given with graciousness. If you can approach your life as if you were a bee seeking to be nourished, you’ll find you are richly rewarded. Your life will become a pleasurable journey and you won’t become stuck or bogged down.

Card 5 is Totality

5 ~ Totality

Do not hesitate. Do not think about what to do. Live life from your heart and don’t be split. If you try to figure things out with your mind, you will become fragmented, for your mind can’t let things be simple. Live from your heart and move into life. Your heart will know what to do.

Trust and be total. Don’t be reckless, but keep moving forward. If you stop to consider, you will wallow in uncertainty and disbelief. Doubt will slow you down. You must go beyond the old patterns of your mind. Buddha suggests that you move with the full intensity of your being. Don’t let thinking instruct your progress.

Pay attention to your heart. That’s where trust arises. That’s where your vibrancy lives. Sense your heart. It will help center you. It will move you away from the chaotic nature of your mind and land you in a place that appreciates beauty and truth. Feel into your heart and you will become more integrated. Follow your heart and you will find the truth.

Card 6 is Heaven and Hell

6 ~ Heaven and Hell

There are two things you cannot hide from. The first is karma– the results of your deeds– which says there is a cause and effect to every action. Your intentions, whether you are aware of then or not, have real effects on your happiness. If you profess piety, but you are really greedy, the outcome will be unhappiness. If you profess good intentions, but you are angry, the outcome will be unhappiness. You may find ways to fool your friends, but you’ll never be able to hide from yourself. Unhappiness is unmistakeable. Heaven and Hell are not geographical locations; they are states of your mind.

Buddha suggests that you follow them eightfold path. Become mindful and cultivate a discipline of conduct. Be watchful of yourself and become more aware. Shine a light on your intentions, and is happiness is illusive, then search for a cause.

The second thing you cannot hide from is death. Everyone will die. The body is a temporary abode, and it will wither and fade away. The things you think are important will one day have no value.

Buddha enjoins you to search for what is eternal. Then your life will have a totally different purpose.

Card 7 is Testing Yourself

7 ~ Testing Yourself

Let the fire of your passions burn— but be watchful. Buddha has not suggested that you try to tame your feelings or curb your passions. It is not possible to force lasting changes in yourself.

Follow your desires and let them consume you. Allow yourself to experience the complete spectrum of your feelings. Be who you are and be total. There is no freedom gained by suppressing what you feel. If you deny your anger it will seethe beneath the surface. If you pretend to be indifferent you will find your self trapped. If you feign goodness, you will end up resenting yourself.

The key to happiness is to become aware of how you act. You must watch your actions as well as your mind. And as you begin to see the effects of what you do, you will also see changes. The light of your awareness will inform you in ways your will cannot do, for it imposes nothing.

Card 8 is Practice

8 ~ Practice

Forgetfulness is easy. It is associated with comfortable feelings and thoughts. You feel more secure when you are unaware. As you try to become more alert, you will begin to disparage at the determinations and the force of your mind.

Buddha understands this to be the case. He doesn’t make light of it, or pretend this problem doesn’t exist. Nagarjuna, one of the most influential teachers of Buddhism has said, “Without the discipline of watching the mind, what use are any other disciplines?”

Watch your mind. As your awareness grows stronger, your actions will indicate that you have changed. Compassion and understanding will grow. You’ll be less troubled by the comments of others. Your decisions will come from your heart and you’ll be unlikely to act in irrational, unconscious ways. Science has recently observed that meditators’ brains are free from the habitual patterns that govern the rest of us .

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