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New Moon Solar Eclipse Collective Spread

New Moon with 5 planets in retrograde and 1 more about to go, plus Summer/Winter Solstice! The energy is high. Things are shifting. How will this New Moon energy influence you? Venture below to choose your cards.

Take a moment and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply and ask Spirit to guide you to the cards for you. Open your eyes and follow your intuition as you choose your cards. You may be guided to multiple cards. Every feeling is relevant.

1-6 is what Spirit wants you to know.

7 – 11 is what is being activated during this New Moon.

12-15 is an overall prominent New Moon message.

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Oracle decks ~

Mystical Shaman Oracle by, Alberto Villoldo ~ Collette Baron Reid ~ Marcela Lobos

Native Spirits by, Denise Linn

Natures Whispers by, Angela

Hartfield~ Josephine Wall

1 ~ Coyote

The Coyote is the symbol of the sacred trickster, the one who provides detours for growth and understanding by ensuring that things don’t go as planned. The Coyote brings the energy of divine deception to set you free from the shackles of that which doesn’t serve you. Sometimes it appears that you will get everything you want, only to find that Coyote brings you the opposite of what you hoped for. The lessons offered by Coyote May at first appear confusing, but they are most sacred and always for your highest good.

If Coyote calls to you, this is a time to pay special attention to detours and disappointments, as they are true tests of faith. You have set your intentions and turned them over to the Great Spirit, yet you may find yourself lost and confused when it appears you are being led off course, off the path leading to your most cherished dreams and desires. Remember this; Coyote is a sacred trickster and may be leading you into challenges to ensure that you are ready to handle what you’ve set in motion. Great growth and understanding come to you when Coyote calls your name.

2 ~ The Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel is a sacred hoop with the four cardinal directions well marked. It represents the cycle of life, the cycles of nature, and the circular pattern of our cosmos. It has been used for millennia in indigenous cultures to bring harmony and wellbeing to the village. It’s directions symbolizes the four steps the shaman takes to become a person of power and wisdom.

To manifest clear blue skies in your life, it is important that you take a look at certain aspects of your being. Enter the medicine wheel from the south and reflect on how you are still clinging to events from the past. Continue to the west and notice which relationships are toxic and drain your energy. Step into the north and ask yourself: “Do I know my passion and show it?” End at the east direction, visualizing how you want to live the next chapter of your life. It is up to you how much time you spend in each direction- minutes, days, or months. But when you are done, make sure to step outside the shell and contemplate your journey.

3 ~ Many Paths

All paths lead to Spirit. What you bring to your journey is what will determine if yours is a path of suffering, a path of wisdom, a path of bliss, or a path of loss.

You have outgrown your current situation and risk losing your way in your own backyard. You are being called to step out of your comfort zone. Respond now, while the call is still a gentle whisper. Even though the woods look thick and impenetrable, venture in and let nature guide your steps through the dark until you reach your destination. Remember, if you do not know where you are going, any path will take you there.

4 ~ The Council

The Council are the luminous beings who hold the collective wisdom of humanity. Know that their wisdom is available to you at all times when you live in a state of yes, in an unconditional relationship with life. They remind you of your place around a sacred fire, which has been reserved for you since the beginning of time. You will claim it when you own your inner wisdom.

The Council has a message for you, “Listen with your inner senses!” The handwriting is already on the wall, so look about you and you will discern its meaning. Do not wait for further signs; embark on the journey to love deeply, forgive sincerely, and dare greatly. Take the leap without requiring life to assure you of success.

5 ~ The Gatherer

Before we cultivated grains, we collected the wild bounty of nature. The Gatherer finds abundant seed, nuts, berries, and wild greens where the ordinary person sees only barren soil. The gatherer is the provider, the forager, and the gardener who collects roots and vegetables for the long winter when game is scarce. She does not hoard, trusting the bounty around her.

Look at the resources you already have close at hand. This is a time of abundance. Everything around you is ripe and ready for harvest. Banish the notions of scarcity that have limited your choices and colored your destiny. Pack your food for the winter, and start with low-hanging fruit that is all around you.

6 ~ The Smokey Mirror

The Smokey Mirror represents the aspects of what is implied yet cannot be immediately known in the world, the mystery of how things come together and how they fall apart without obvious causality. This symbol also represents the shadow of the human psyche, the parts of the self that one disowns. The Smokey Mirror can also represent a state of denial, or the inability or refusal to see the truth.

When the symbol of the Smokey Mirror appears, you’re invited to see beyond your own self. Acknowledge that, past the limits of your current ability to perceive, there is a vast interconnected world where events are orchestrated in divine order but challenging to fully grasp. Now is the time to trust that no matter what the current conditions of your world reflect, in the Hidden Realms all aspects of the human journey are celebrated: the beauty and the darkness, the misery and the courage. No matter where you are on your journey, know that some things are meant to be a mystery, which you are meant to understand only through experience. Take heart, for the Smokey Mirror will ultimately show you beauty and wonder once the fog lifts the distortion you see now.

7 ~ Spirit of Air

Clarity and expansive perception of life emerging. You’re being advised to see life from a higher perspective. Clear our mental clutter. Breathe. All is well. Do not be concerned; the cobwebs are being cleared away. Communicate your truth. Take care of details. Pay attention and don’t let things slip through the cracks. Take time to hear the truth of others. Spirit is whispering to you. Open your mind to see a situation is new light.

The Spirit of Air represents the mental aspect of your life; it’s the part that has under capacity to discern, analyze, organize, evaluate, and judge. Though seemingly subtle and unseen, air is composed of the most rarified energy fields, and we’re in constant communion with the vast Universe through our breath. The Spirit off Air carries the energy of change and transformation, inspiration, aspiration, mental clarity, freedom, perception, communion, and communication. The element of air also allows you to see situations from a higher perspective. This card can also indicate that it’s time to do some major clutter clearing and organizing.

One of the most direct and powerful ways to receive messages from Spirit is through the Air Spirit. The Cherokee people, and many other native tribes, believed that the winds were messengers sent by the Creator, and they carried information from the sacred realms. When you go outdoors, notice the movement of air across your skin. Whether it is the subtlest breeze or the powerful wind storm, take a moment to stop and listen. Get a sense of what messages it might have for you.

8 ~ Spirit Keeper Of The West

Transformation. Letting go of the old. Initiation. Illumination. Harvest. Gather your inner resources. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t go ahead. Trust your heart. Chaos brings positive change. Almost all change comes out of turmoil; Don’t be concerned if there’s confusion in your life. It will all work out.

In the medicine wheel, the West is the direction that symbolizes the fiery setting sun, autumn, the waning moon and the time of harvest, and the tumultuous years of teenagers in the human cycle. Out of the chaos arise illumination and transformation. In order for the new to ignite in your life, it’s necessary to let go of the old. Sweep away the debris. The spirit keeper of the west reminds us to slow down our rapid growth and harvest what we have attained. In the autumn, leaves are burned to make way for new growth. Release the dross in your life to make way for new growth.

Stand facing the west and the setting sun. Imagine that all limitations and blockages in your life are flowing from your heart into the sun; as the sun sets, it carries with it your cares and concerns to be transformed by its purifying energy.

9 ~ Sweat Lodge

Cleanse yourself: body, mind, and soul. Purify. Clutter-clear. Let go of objects and relationships that no longer serve you. Go within. Meditate. Talk to the Creator. Give thanks.

Sweat lodges are small dome structures covers with skins, blankets, or mud in which very hot stones are placed in the center. Water is poured over the stones so that hit steams arises from the rocks. Thus, the sweat lodge, with its hot steam, is used for purification ceremonies as well as a place to commune with the Divine. This card chose you to tell you that it’s time to clear out the clutter in your life. Sometimes clutter can be things in your closet that you don’t love or use. But sometimes clutter can be outmoded relationships or habits that no longer serve you. The clearer your inner and outer space becomes, the easier it will be to hear the sweet messages from your soul.

Sometimes this card chooses you when it’s time to do some physical detoxification. Fast for a day. Drink green juices. Clear out some clutter: Love it, use it, or get rid of it. Even one small item can make a difference.

10 ~ Nature Spirits

Delight. Peaks of carefree abandon. Living wildly, magically, and free. Be open to the wonders of the universe flooding into your life. Innocence and delight are abounding. Happiness is on its way!

Although some of the fairies act in protection of their wild lands and should be treated with care and respect, most often they bring blessings and delight to all in their

realm. If this Nature Spirits card chooses you, then welcome to a wellspring of joy and magic. Beneath the surface, mystical interventions are occurring in your life. Relax. All is well.

11 ~ Tribal Spirit Dancer

Let’s go! Say yes to life! Be daring. Dance to your heart’s desire. Unfurl your wings and fly! Cast aside conventions and restrictions. Tune in to the rhythm of life. Laugh. Explore. Go beyond your predictable behavior. Sometimes life is messy and chaotic, and that’s okay. Leave the dishes; run outside in the sprinkles.

You are on the planet to be FREE. You don’t always need to meet the expectations of others. You’re here to explore, expand and step into your extraordinary self. Choose life on your terms. Clear out mental and emotional clutter. Move beyond those situations you have outgrown. Don’t accept the rules that you have placed on yourself or that others have placed on you. This is your time. Don’t delay listening to the rhythm of your heart and following your dreams.

Turn on music and move. Tribal dance isn’t about looking good. It’s about feeling the beats inside your heart and expressing this with your body and your emotions. If you want to break free, then start first buy expressing yourself, wild and free, and the circumstances of your life with transform.

12 ~ Fresh Approach

Time to step out of the box and end an old way of doing things. You are being challenged to try something new. Look at how to create magic in your world. Create with the intention of filling your life with joy and happiness. Achieve your desires while experimenting with new activities. You always have options. Don’t feel limited. Even when you aren’t in motion, you are making a choice. You are being prodded to make a decision now. Don’t worry about not making the right one. Every mistake brings us lessons and opportunities. The amount you can learn is immeasurable. Base your choice on love and the best option for you. Imagine that ‘failing’ is not part of any of your choices. What will you choose?

13 ~ Be Spontaneous

When you’re busy, rushing, worried or overwhelmed, It is easy to lose track of the simplest things in your world that bring you joy. This is a huge nudge to remember to create something fun. Rediscover enthusiasm fascination through adventure and spontaneous happenings. Engage with your life again and take in your surroundings, observing the importance of living life to its fullest. Decide to do something for the pleasure of it and see where life takes you.

14 ~ Clear Endeavor

Something you truly desire requires a bigger commitment from you. This could be physical, emotional or mental. Identify what your needs are at this time. Actually commit to the this goal and be willing to put in the time to make it become reality. Commitment plus hard work will assist in bringing your goals to completion. Once you decide, give your best to everything that you do. It gives plenty of new opportunities for you to reach your goals in no time. Pay attention to signs along the way as nature works to assist you.

15 ~ Perfect Setting

If you have a goal or vision, be sure to provide the right surroundings for the dream to flourish. Positive self talk, affirmations, being kind to yourself, celebrating your talents and successes- all of these create fertile soil for your dreams to take root and grow. Sometimes, when you push too hard it can hinder the harmonious unfolding of your journey. Trust the process, relax, and allow nature to take its course. Belief in positive support is needed to accomplish your goal. Keep in mind; nature makes growing and blossoming look effortless but the secret is in all the details- position, sun, soil, air, water and nourishment. Make sure you are taking the steps necessary to attain your perfect environment.

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