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Collective Dharma Retrograde pick a card

I wanted to pull some collective Dharma Retrograde energy cards. Right now with everything happening we don’t even realize that karmic debts are being paid and Dharmas are being revealed. The cards you choose are either a message of what you need to transmute in order to moved forward or what you need to embrace in order to rise in your Soul’s Divine Purpose.

Your dharma means your purpose in life. Your dharma is your true calling – what you were put here to do. I want you to really let your intuition guide you in this. If you’re drawn to multiple cards that’s ok. On the other side of each image is a word and the teachings of Buddha associated to this word. Pick a card or cards that you’re drawn to.

Take a moment and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply and ask Spirit to guide you to the cards for you. Open your eyes and follow your intuition as you choose your cards. You may be guided to multiple cards. Every feeling is relevant.

Leave your chosen cards in the comments below. Feel free to share this post and tag a friend who may need some guidance as well.

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Dharma Cards by, Priya Hemenway

Card 1 is Desire

1 ~ Desire

You cannot drop desire from your mind. You must wake up for desire to disappear. Many people have heard of the bliss that comes when desires cease, and they try to get their desires to go away. They replace the desires for earthly things with desires for truth, for God/Goddess, and liberation. They become greedy and they torture themselves. They have misunderstood.

Desires will vanish only when you become aware of your desiring mind. You just watch it carefully and see all its tricks. You will not get rid of your desires until you can remain in the present moment and stop moving to the past or the future. Your desires have no place in the here and now.

Watch your mind and determine the moment when desire begins to grow. This is where your attention should be. Become more aware, and your desires will cease to distract you.

Card 2 is The World

2 ~ The World

Buddha does not tell you to believe what he says. Belief will not help you. Instead he enjoins you to consider the idea that the world is a bubble, a mirage, and to consider its illusionary nature: he suggests you look upon the world as an object that has no significance, but he does not tell you that it is so.

You must take your time, and not jump to any conclusion. Don’t turn your back on the world just because someone says it has no meaning. It is important to engage with the world, to know its many aspects. Don’t be persuaded to take a particular view of something without determining for yourself how it is.

Your mind is very tricky and it is easy to believe things that aren’t true. It is awareness you are practicing; not belief. You must learn to be attentive to the ways of the mind. Move away from ignorance. Your own light will shine clear when your mind has ceased in its tendency to believe what others say.

Card 3 is Death

3 ~ Death

The greatest mystery in life is death. Life is infinite and science can explore it. It has a beginning and an end, and specifics that can be studied. Objectivity is an asset when life is examined; it does well under a microscope.

Love is far more mysterious. It bridges many worlds. It is more subjective and changes with each person. Art explores the world of love. Artist participate in the experience and through poetry, music, and painting, they touch on things that can’t always be put into logical terms.

Death is the domain of religion. It is one reason why the search to know oneself begins. Death is a door to all that cannot be known in life, and if you can be aware of what happens as you die, you will have stumbled onto truths we search for in meditation.

Meditation is a step towards death. In meditation you will come to know you are not separate from the rest of existence. Those who die to the past and the future, find themselves in the present moment and the eternity of now. They are truly alive and death is no longer something to fear.

Card 4 is Aloneness

4 ~ Aloneness

The journey to become aware takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. Progress can seem slow and changes, almost imperceptible. You will certainly become tired and discouraged, you will want to change course, you’ll want it to end, but remember— the journey is much longer for those who never begin.

There are many challenges to finding yourself on the path to awareness. It can be lonely and you can lose your way. You will be forgetful and long periods will pass when you don’t remember yourself at all.

Be encouraged! You are fortunate to have stepped onto the path. Your eyes are already opened. In the longing to become more awake, you already carry a light. No longer will you wander around in an eternal abyss of darkness. Once you have taken one small step, you have put a small lantern in your hand. It will grow lighter.

Card 5 is Happiness

5 ~ Happiness

Awareness will set you free. You will find happiness in love, for you’ll no longer act in anger. You will find happiness in hard times, for you will know that they pass. You will find happiness when desires arise, for they can not possess you. You will find happiness everywhere, for you will remain unattached.

Buddha encourages happiness. He encourages you to taste the freedom that arises when you are no longer a slave to the pulls of your mind. As things are now, your mind goes on swinging from one extreme to another, like a pendulum. First you love, then you hate; one minute you are happy, then the next you are sad. This is the nature of the sleep you have become so used to. Become aware, Buddha says, and follow the middle path. Don’t be thrown from one extreme to another. Be watchful and choose to be a witness. Then you will find happiness. Then you will no longer be curtailed by your mind.

Whether you are with friends or alone, whether you are rich or poor, whether you are sick or healthy, it will not matter; for you will know the happiness that accepts life as it is.

Card 6 is Testing Yourself

6 ~ Testing Yourself

Let the fire of your passions burn— but be watchful. Buddha has not suggested that you try to tame your feelings or curb your passions. It is not possible to force lasting changes in yourself.

Follow your desires and let them consume you. Allow yourself to experience the complete spectrum of your feelings. Be who you are and be total. There is no freedom gained by suppressing what you feel. If you deny your anger it will seethe beneath the surface. If you pretend to be indifferent you will find your self trapped. If you feign goodness, you will end up resenting yourself.

The key to happiness is to become aware of how you act. You must watch your actions as well as your mind. And as you begin to see the effects of what you do, you will also see changes. The light of your awareness will inform you in ways your will cannot do, for it imposes nothing.

Card 7 is Becoming a Buddha

7 ~ Becoming a Buddha

The silence that follows awakening is rich and overflowing with joy. It is not a silence that can be practiced. It has its own unique flavor.

The innocence that comes from knowing yourself is pure and beyond duality. It is free of divisions and follows no rules. In total awareness, a Buddha becomes one with existence.

A Buddha harms no one. Love and truth and compassion are present, and a Buddha moves with awareness.

There is nothing that can be learned in order to awaken. There are no prayers to say or rituals to perform. No amount of reading will get you there and no one can do it for you. Simply watch the desires that arise in your mind and let them drop away. Even the longing to awaken must finally be abandoned, and when that disappears, your Buddha is born.

Card 8 is Discover Yourself

8 ~ Discover Yourself

You are on a journey of discovery. What are you searching for? It’s important to ask. Buddha says you must proceed with no idea about what you will find. If you expect something to be there, you may create it in your imagination. If you say you are looking for truth, you may come up with something else and not know it. You may pass by things that are tremendously important.

If you say you are looking for yourself, you already presume something exists that will look like you. But maybe it’s not so. Be careful as you identify things, and don’t try to reproduce what others have found. Treat each discovery like a scientist. Determine details and relationships without any regard for what you’ve been told. What you find will certainly be something no one else has found before, because it resides in you.

You are the watcher; you are the witness. Determine who this witness is and where it resides. And if you can see this part of yourself, then ask again, who is seeing?

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