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Collective Dharma Cards

I wanted to pull some more collective Dharma cards. Right now with everything happening we don’t even realize that karmic debts are being paid and Dharmas are being revealed. The cards you choose are either a message of what you need to transmute in order to moved forward or what you need to embrace in order to rise in your Soul’s Divine Purpose.

Your dharma means your purpose in life. Your dharma is your true calling – what you were put here to do. I want you to really let your intuition guide you in this. If you’re drawn to multiple cards that’s ok. On the other side of each image is a word and the teachings of Buddha associated to this word. Pick a card or cards that you’re drawn to.

Take a moment and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply and ask Spirit to guide you to the cards for you. Open your eyes and follow your intuition as you choose your cards. You may be guided to multiple cards. Every feeling is relevant.

Leave your chosen cards in the comments below. Feel free to share this post and tag a friend who may need some guidance as well.

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Dharma Cards by, Priya Hemenway

Card 1 is Prepare Yourself

You must prepare for death. You must gather what you will need: awareness, mindfulness and the ability to be quiet and still.

There is a clear sound of urgency in Buddha’s appeal. The journey is long, and you may not have much time.get ready! You might miss this opportunity, and another one may not come for a very long time.

Work hard to brighten your light. Use your awareness to find the way. You must travel alone and you need to be clear. Buddha will push you and continue to nudge you. He will not let you fall asleep. He can not take you where you need to go, but he will insist you hear his request. This is Buddha’s work. This is what he must do. His task is difficult because of your sleep, but he is far more aware than you are of what you will find if you listen to his call.

Card 2 is Practice

Forgetfulness is easy. It is associated with comfortable feelings and thoughts. You feel more secure when you are unaware. As you try to become more alert, you will begin to disparage at the determinations and the force of your mind.

Buddha understands this to be the case. He doesn’t make light of it, or pretend this problem doesn’t exist. Nagarjuna, one of the most influential teachers of Buddhism has said, “Without the discipline of watching the mind, what use are any other disciplines?”

Watch your mind. As your awareness grows stronger, your actions will indicate that you have changed. Compassion and understanding will grow. You’ll be less troubled by the comments of others. Your decisions will come from your heart and you’ll be unlikely to act in irrational, unconscious ways. Science has recently observed that meditators’ brains are free from the habitual patterns that govern the rest of us .

Card 3 is Finding the Source

The word Buddha used for the person who travels upstream is uddhamsoto. Uddham means great endeavor; soto means the source. Uddhamsoto refers to the person who is expending all her or his effort to reach the source of being.

Effort is needed. Laziness will work against you. You must bring your energies to a boil, and just as the water turns to stream, so you will reach a point where transformation happens.

Buddha struggled for many years to accomplish what he thought was necessary. His effort was intense. He tried everything he could think of, and searched for every clue that might help. Only when every avenue had been exhausted, when every dream had burst, when all his illusions seen through, and his friends had given up with their encouragement did he stop and find freedom.

Card 4 is Serenity

Your integrity has been likened to a deep, still lake. Reflected in its water are the moon and the stars and all the cycles of the universe.

Buddha used the word anatta to describe what he found when he awakened to full awareness. Anatta means there is nothing between the lake within and the universe without. All the dreams— the desires and longings that once distracted you from the present moment— are gone. All the anxieties in your mind have disappeared.

Anatta is the “no-thingness” of the mind. It is complete awareness. When you have become so attuned to the distractions of your mind that they crease to exist, you will begin to experience anatta. You will say, “It feels like the I-ness about me has disappeared. There is no more “I”. In its place is a great lake. You will begin to dance for joy because you’ll feel so free. You will begin to sing, for you are radiant with light and compassion and you will want to share the excitement you feel.

Card 5 is Choice

Past and future dominate each moment, and fear and ignorance drag you down. It is useless to fight back. Your attempts are ineffective because you can not control what you do. You are not in charge of how you react.

Stop, says Buddha. Take a moment to feel your heart. Watch your agitated breath and sense into what you feel. Turn your attention inward. Forget about what or why, and discourage your mind from interfering. Just let yourself feel.

This is where compassion begins. You turn your attention inwards and you bring light to your darkness. Your own eyes on your own interiority will lighten up your heart. You must look around and find out what is so painful and why you want to cry out. Eventually your heart will soften, but you must keep your attention there. Your mind will want to come back and you must be careful. These are great moments to work with. Love and awareness are like two partners. When you find one, the other is always there; and together they will lead you to that place inside where peace and understanding reign.

Card 6 is The Awakened One

The light of the Awakened One is always shining. You will need guided by the strength of this light. The Awakened One is aware during the day. The Awakened One is aware at night. While the body sleeps, awareness continues to glow. Time and distance are of no consequence.

The shining of of the sun is strong and direct. Its light seeks out fear and unseats ignorance. Its light shines on every moment and unsettles those who sleep.

The light of the moon is subtle. It glows with a radiance that seeps into dreams. It’s shines into the unconscious and is soft and meditative.

The light of the Awakened One is always shining.

Card 7 is Silence

For those who have not known the silence of sitting quietly, it is hard to describe the peace that will be encountered. Buddha compares it to a thousand words of uplifting wisdom. If you have ever known the contentment that comes from listening to someone speak about peace, he tells you that the tranquility of one moment spent sitting silently is much greater.

For those who have not known the grandeur of the present moment, Buddha compares it to a thousand hymns. If you have ever been transported by the sound of a choir or the music of an orchestra, he says that one moment in the here and now is more magnificent.

For those who have not known the vibrancy of truth, Buddha compares it to a thousand prayers. If you have ever been moved by the sincerity of someone’s prayer, he says that one moment of truth is more sublime than a thousand of these.

For those who doubt the peace of knowing yourself, Buddha says you compare it to conquering a battlefield. All your internal struggles will be put to rest, and all your private battles will be overcome.

Card 8 is Totality

Do not hesitate. Do not think about what to do. Live life from your heart and don’t be split. If you try to figure things out with your mind, you will become fragmented, for your mind can’t let things be simple. Live from your heart and move into life. Your heart will know what to do.

Trust and be total. Don’t be reckless, but keep moving forward. If you stop to consider, you will wallow in uncertainty and disbelief. Doubt will slow you down. You must go beyond the old patterns of your mind. Buddha suggests that you move with the full intensity of your being. Don’t let thinking instruct your progress.

Pay attention to your heart. That’s where trust arises. That’s where your vibrancy lives. Sense your heart. It will help center you. It will move you away from the chaotic nature of your mind and land you in a place that appreciates beauty and truth. Feel into your heart and you will become more integrated. Follow your heart and you will find the truth.

Card 9 is Anger

You want to be superior. You think you are great. This is pride, and everyone feels it. Everyone is vying for the top position and everyone wants to come first. Anger results. Conflict arises, and there is no escape. Ego doesn’t allow you to give in. You feel you’ve been wounded; you feel you’ve been hurt. Your ego is very sensitive.

Buddha suggests this ego is false. He sees things differently than those of us who have been influenced by Freud. Buddha suggests that the ego is merely a clinging of the mind. Abandon your anger; abandon your pride, he says. Let go of the clinging. Watch and these things will loosen their hold. They have no reality. They are simply ideas.

The mind is very complex. It runs without any help from you. Unaware, you are like the charioteer who simply holds the reins. Wen you turn your awareness to what is happening, you are able to disengage the parts. You become the master.

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