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April Fool’s Collective Spread

Today, as April 1st/April Fools, and is also the Fool’s card in the tarot deck. This represents the start of a new journey and new cycle you’re beginning. As we step into Aries, we also enter a new shift in energy. As the old is released, new comes fourth. In what ways will this energy influence your life. What is your action you need to take? Venture below to intuitively choose your cards in this collective spread.

Take a moment and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply and ask Spirit to guide you to the cards for you. Open your eyes and follow your intuition as you choose your cards. You may be guided to multiple cards. Every feeling is relevant.

1-6 is what Spirit wants you to know.

7-11 is a supporting card.

11-15 is a prominent overall energy.

B~D~P~E are the animal guides/Element Guides.

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Plant your seeds of New Beginnings

Oracle decks used:

The Numinous Astro deck by, Ruby Warrington

Native Spirit by, Denise Linn

The Native Heart Healing Oracle by, Melanie Ware

Animal Voices by, Chip Richards

1 ~ Sagittarius ~The Voyager~

Sagittarius is asking you to roll the dice, let the wind throw back your hair, and bust out far beyond any self imposed limitations. Notice where you’ve build walls and borders in your life, and summon the curiosity and courage to spill right over them. Who’s told you that you’re “too much?” What “should” is keeping you from taking up all the space you need and then some? Take a chance on yourself. Cultivate optimism and have faith in waking your unique path. Roam and frolic and remember that your wildness cannot be tamed or broken.

2 ~ 10th House ~Reputation~

The 10th House is asking your to trust in your own self-efficiency. What would it take for you to believe that you truly have “got this” and that nothing and no one can take away the wisdom gained from the life skills you have mastered? Anywhere there is self-doubt, remember that you are the CEO of your own life and that you get to call the shots. Feel free to consult with your personal board of directors (family, friends, mentors, and teachers), but ultimately it’s your prerogative to make whatever decisions are in service if taking whatever next step is most aligned with your soul purpose.

3 ~ 12th House ~Surrender~

Attend to the small signals and synchronicities on the edges of your rational perception. This isn’t an issue that can be “figured out” by sitting down and making a list of your pros and cons. Instead, you’re bring asked to respond to the call of your own deep end. Listen in to the knowings that arrive through dreams and intuitive hours, often channeled through silence. And don’t be afraid to lose your footing to find new ground. You’re learning that applying less resistance and more compassion is not the mark of weakness, but is actually a new form of strength. Noticed where you have tensed your body for a blow, tenderize yourself to your situation, soften some of your boundaries, and breathe out.

4 ~ 2nd House ~Assets~

You were born with a special gift that you are not fully exploiting. What is it that only you can do, and which is therefore of unique value to the world? Think about the times you feel most “in the flow.” That thing that you do— perhaps as part of your job or maybe just because you enjoy it— that feels effortless to you. Well somebody out there will pay good money for you to do it for them! We often overlook the things we are naturally gifted at, because they come so easily to us we don’t believe they are “worth” anything. The 2nd House card invites told to flip the script and trust that doing more of what you love will help the abundance flow.

5 ~ Uranus ~Revolution~

How can you harness the power of group consciousness by joining up and participating in something much larger than yourself? Uranus riles brainstorming and blue-sky thinking. Who can you call on to mastermind your situation and help you come up with an as-yet unimaginable solution to your current conundrum? There is an opportunity now to break on through the boundaries of self-imposed limitations and build something brand new from the ground up. Embrace the exhilarating sensation of throwing caution to the winds of change, and crafting a vision that embodies your highest ideals.

6 ~ Aries ~The Firestarter~

Aries means it’s time to push the pedal to the metal and move forward, fast. There’s no time to waste considering how your actions may impact others; the iron is hot and it’s time to strike. Making mistakes and breaking things is part of this process. There’s no shame in getting it wrong. This is how you learn to play harder, faster, stronger. The podium awaits, the gold medal has already been etched with your name. Go for it!

7 ~ Trickster

Things are not as they seem. Something that seems bad may in fact be good and vise versa. Don’t take everything at face value. Look beneath the surface. This card encourages you to try to find humor or gentle amusement in seemingly difficult situations. It also encourages you to have irrepressible fun. Step out of the mold.

In indigenous traditions, there is the concept of the tricksters. In Native American traditions, the trickster is often depicted as a wily coyote, but sometimes the trickster is a human, called “heyoka.” There is a lighthearted, fun aspect of the trickster, but there’s also the caution to tread carefully because things are not always as they seem. Be discerning. What appears to be a good opportunity may, in fact, not be. The wonderful aspect of this card choosing you is that it offers the opportunity to step out of the old, outmoded ways of perceiving yourself. The trickster allows you to see yourself in an entirely new way and asks you to step out of the older routines and habits that might be keeping you stagnant.

It might sound very strange, but the easiest way to activate the energy of this card is to howl like a coyote. If you can, it’s even better to do it during the light of the full moon. This breaks up stagnant energies and brings in fresh vitality.

8 ~ Great Mystery

Have faith and know that you’re divinely guided. . . even when you have doubts. Trust that you’re exactly where you need to be. Believe! You’ve planted your seeds; now allow the Creator to do the c rest. Even if you can’t see into the future, have faith that the path will be illuminated and go forward. If you have an reoccurring challenges, turn them over to the Creator: Not my will, but thy will be done.

Many native cultures refer to the Creator as the Great Mystery. It’s the idea that Great Spirit is so vast and profound that, in many ways, it’s unknowable. Faith is the foundation of the ability to manifest. Everything was created because someone believed that it was possible. . . and patience is absolutely crucial in the application of this principle. Trust. Change can happen in a heartbeat, but somethings require time. You’ve planted the seeds; now give them time to grow. Please be patient, and know that it will happen— whatever receives your care and attention will flourish.

If you just planted some seeds in your garden today, you wouldn’t go out tomorrow and yell at them because there isn’t any fruit yet. So don’t dig up your seeds of faith! Remember this mantra: it’s happening! Repeat this phrase periodically, especially if you game doubts. . . and keep going.

9 ~ Medicine Woman/Medicine Man

Profound inner and outer healing is occurring. You’re a natural healer. You’re on the mend, and/or a situation is being resolved. Have faith that it’s happening. You are a sacred healer; you are a medicine woman/medicine man of the soul.

Every indigenous culture has a tradition of healers. Depending on the culture, they’re called medicine men, medicine women, shamans, tohungas, kahunas, sangomas, or curanderos, among others. In every tradition they’re the individuals who are able to step between worlds to gain information, wisdom, and healing energies from their spirit allies. When this card chooses you, you’re at the advent of healing emotional, physical, and metal wounds. Additionally, a powerful healing force is activating within you.

Nature is one of our greatest healers, so spend time with the trees, soak up the rays of the sun, and dance in the rain. Everything in nature has the intrinsic ability to restore itself. You’re a part of the natural world, so you have this innate ability. Often healing needs to occur on the inner planes before it can manifest on the outside. To assist this process, focus on what’s great and let go of what isn’t working. Hold a vision of the solution that you desire, be patient, and trust that recovery is occurring in its own time and way.

10 ~ Answering The Call

You’ve been called. If you’ve been waiting for your life to shift, the waiting is over. Your true and authentic life is happening. If you’ve been hoping for a sign, this is it. Right now your spirit guides, ancestors and love ones who have passed are sending you messages, love and healing. You’ve been called and a gateway is opening for communications from the spirit realms. Now and in the days ahead, signs from spirit will be all around you. Watch for them.

Indigenous people look to the clouds, the winds, and the movement of animals to discern the secret messages from the Creator. In Native traditions, life is ruled by signs. Right now your spirit helpers are telling you that this is your time. The waiting is over. Sometimes, we spent so much time waiting for life to happen that we missed the joy in the moment. Cherish the here and now, and know that no matter what concerns you may have, in the deepest sense, you are ready. Believe. Follow the signs and miracles will abound. Your time is now!

Look for signs. They are all around you. The feather that alights at your feet, the penny that mysteriously appears, or the rainbow splashed across the sky may be a sign that Spirit is trying to get your attention. Watch your dreams. Messages from Spirit are often conveyed in the nocturnal hours.

11 ~ Vision Quest

Take time away from people and situations. Step back. Withdraw. Inner truth is emerging in stillness, but first you need to retreat. Know that you’re guided. Look for your answers in different ways. The answers are around you; watch for signs in the coming day. Trust that your life is being directed.

In earth-based cultures, larger questions about life are often answered on Vision Quests or solo retreats in nature. When this card chooses you, it’s telling you to take time away from your ordinary life. Take time to explore the depths of your soul. Your soul knows the truth; take time and quietude to discover what it is. The answers to your questions are all around you, but you must be still to hear these messages.

Spend time alone, preferably in nature, without your cell phone and the internet, and even without pencil and paper or a book. Simply be. Listen to the world around you. Be still. Watch for signs. Open your heart to receive messages from the Divine.

12 ~ Universal Love

This card graces you with the energy of the Divine Mother and holds the energy of creation and pure love. This is a love that resides within every cell of your being. You can access the infinite wealth of love that resides within you at any time. This card suggests that you have been seeking love or approval outside of yourself. This can create pain and you may feel disheartened that this love has not been reciprocated.

This oracle is encouraging you to dive into love. You are now ready for the love you have denied yourself by thinking that self-love was a selfish act. Be reminded that it is selfish not to be the love you are. You can access your inner love, simply by accepting yourself in this moment and in every coming moment, just as mother accepts and loves her children exactly as they are. The Divine Mother sees you through the eyes of perfection, which indeed are eyes love. She holds each and every human in love eternally— just as they are.

You are being guided to take care of yourself, as this mandala indicates it is time to replenish and practice self-nourishment. The Divine Mother is a nurturing energy comprised of three core elements: the teacher, the cater and the inner child. On some level, you have taken on an over responsibility for your loved ones. This message specifically relates to children if you are a parent. Children require the freedom to be true to their divine nature whilst being guided by the loving energy of their parents. Remember each child chooses their parents before incarnating and often the most valuable life lessons come through the relationship between carer and child. Be the love that your are and allow your children or the people in your care to spread their wings and find their way.

13 ~ Sacral Chakra

This card brings you the awakening energy of the sacral chakra. This mandala is aligned with your passion for life and your passion within relationships including the one you have with yourself. The key here is to have an absolute, unwavering faith in yourself. Trust the beautiful being that you are and know what is important to you. Be reminded that you, your ideas, your creativity and your passion matters!

Start believing in all that you have asked of yourself in this lifetime. Remember the bigger picture that you chose to play a part in. Have faith that you are safe to express your passion without the b shame or guilt that are illusions of times past.

Embrace the very fire that lights your individuality. What are you waiting for? Kiss and hug the people you love and the people you don’t. Love without reservation, if not others, then yourself. And create, create, create! There’s no time like the present, just be sure to take your heart with you along the way.

14 ~ Grandmother Moon

The healing energy of Grandmother Moon is guiding you to step back within the sacred lunar cycles. In doing so you will find yourself within the divine ebb and flow of our great universe. Grandmother Moon governs the emotional body that is the ocean within. It is time that you allow yourself to flow and embrace the goddess.

Grandmother Moon tells us that to seek is not to find, and that to try promotes an element of failure. However, there are no wrongs and this is not about succeeding or failing, but allowing and surrendering yourself to the divine flow of all that is. Our Grandmother leads by beautiful example by trusting her cycles. Her trust creates an energy that you may step into, to be within her cycles, and in doing so you too can trust in the rise and falls of all that is unfolding. Be the creator of your own world, and do so knowing that all is available to you in perfect timing within the turning of the cycles. Your thoughts and beliefs can place limitations on your ability to receive and pull you out of your innate cycles. So trust and feel the energies of Grandmother Moon, and know you are safe to explore all that she brings into your awareness. Have faith in how you feel when you are synchronized with her and the goddess within. Feel the divine feminine and appreciate that her energy is not one of doing but simply being. Take time out to sit with her, be with her and breathe her into the flower that you are. You will soon discover that the goddess has been within you all along.

15 ~ Earth Star Chakra

This mandala brings you the aligning energy of the Earth Star Chakra. This magnetic start anchors your universal self, deep within the Earth’s core. In addition, this chakra is key in accessing your past lives, understanding your current life and drawing upon the wisdom of your future self. Aligning this chakra is aligning your inherent, infinite self and that of the collective consciousness, to bring a feeling of wholeness. Respect is of the essence with this chakra. Both a respect for self and a deep reverence for the unlimited potential this card may help you to integrate. The Earth Star Chakra mandala also guides you in clearing your energy field on all levels and may indicate that you have taken on the energy of another through your role in service.

B~ Lotus Blue Butterfly


Butterfly comes with a special reminder that every dream has stages. There are times when new ideas and parts of you are first being born like seeds or eggs! There are times when (as caterpillar) you begin your movement toward those dreams. There are times when you have quiet alone time (as chrysalis in her cocoon) to build strength and wings for what’s ahead. And there are times when you will use all of your strength to break free, open your wings fully, and fly in full color. You are the beauty of Butterfly… Celebrate each moment of this special journey of becoming YOU!

D ~ Dragonfly


Dragonfly is a messenger of light. When dragonfly is near, so is the positive energy that dreams are made of. Dragonfly comes to you now with a very special blessing to let you know that the path you are on is sparkling with magic possibilities. New friendships, new ideas, exciting adventures await. Dragonfly’s guidance is to follow what feels most “light” and trust what feels most exciting. Keep yours eyes open as you go and the light might shift and guide your steps a different way. Things don’t always happen just like we expect them to, but with Dragonfly as your friend you will quickly discover that this is half that fun!

P~ Polar Bear

~Friendship~Strength~Alone time~

Polar bear says to believe in the power of your dreams. Sometimes when you first try something new you might feel like you are all alone. But the polar bear comes with the message to trust the call of your heart. You’re stronger than you know. You’ll be guided along the way and you will meet friends and helpers in places you couldn’t imagine. It’s time to get to know someone and start a new friendship. The most special friendships come on the most unlikely of places.

E ~ Earth

~ Body~Action~Planting Seeds~

Today is a day for action on your dream! If you have an idea of something you’d love to do or create, now is a great time to begin. There is no need to force or hurry. Just focus on the simple things that need to be done and soon you will make real progress. Sometimes Earth calls for us to do physical work, but each step we take plays an important part in bringing our dreams into reality… And it feels great!

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