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Leap Year 2020 collective spread

Hello lovelies! Welcome to your Leap Day 2020 collective energy spread! In this one I also added 4 animal/element guide cards that will have a big impact on the energy to come. This is a magical time and this spread has lots of medicine in it. So you are going to be expected to look within and reconnect. But how will this look for you on your journey? Venture below to choose your cards.

Take a moment and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply and ask Spirit to guide you to the cards for you. Open your eyes and follow your intuition as you choose your cards. You may be guided to multiple cards. Every feeling is relevant.

1-6 is what Spirit wants you to know.

7-11 is a supporting card.

11-15 is a prominent overall energy.

A~H~D~G are the animal/element guides.

Leave your chosen cards in the comments below. Feel free to share this post and tag a friend who may need some guidance as well.

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Take a Leap into Your 2020 Magic!

Oracle decks used:

Mystical Shaman Oracle by, Alberto Villoldo ~ Collette Baron Reid ~ Marcela Lobos

Enchanted Maps by, Collette Baron Reid

Earth Magic by, Steven Farmer

Animal Voices by, Chip Richards

1 ~ The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a sacred symbol. Its deep roots reach into the lower world, the unconscious, while its branches reach to the heavens, the source of destiny. To be whole in your life’s journey, it is important to have deep roots and high branches. A tall tree with shallow roots falls in the first wind, but a tree with deep roots can weather any storm.

What nutrients do you need to add to your soil to grow strong? The seed of the oak will not grow on barren ground or without the light of the sun. What dreams do you want to awaken to create a mindful destiny? Reflect on how you want to blossom, the kind of fruit you want to produce, and where you want to sow your new seeds. Be a conscious creator!

2 ~ Coyote

The Coyote is the symbol of the sacred trickster, the one who provides detours for growth and understanding by ensuring that things don’t go as planned. The Coyote brings the energy of divine deception to set you free from the shackles of that which doesn’t serve you. Sometimes it appears that you will get everything you want, only to find that Coyote brings you the opposite of what you hoped for. The lessons offered by Coyote May at first appear confusing, but they are most sacred and always for your highest good.

Are you being seduced by what you think you desire? Could it be that the more superficial, sparkly, shining aspects of your ambition led you in this moment? Perhaps you feel that I order to get what you desire, you have to compromise yourself, control others or manipulate situations to ensure your goal is met? Coyote howls in the shadows to remind you that this may be a lesson too painful to learn. Beware the shallow waters right now. Something or someone might pretend to be deep, but that doesn’t make them so, no matter how seductive their superficial traits and how beautiful to sparkly they may appear. All that glitters there will not turn up gold, no matter how many wishes you make to change that.

3 ~ The Arrow

Receiving this symbol reminds you that you are in alignment with your heart and soul, you are on target and will soon be hitting your mark. Be true to your calling, release attachments, and free yourself from the bondage of unbridled ambition. Now is revealed to be a moment of contact in which your intention meets the material world. The Arrow also symbolizes the need to set your creativity free.

This is a time to admit that by continuing on the path you are on, you might be shooting yourself in the foot. Could it be that you have become so attached to winning this game that you have missed the true mark? What if your arrow was never meant to land where you wanted it? Now is the time to regroup and ask yourself if what you desire is really worth your energy. This is a sign that something better is waiting. Consider the wisdom in not getting what you want. Suffering in this case is a pathway to heal the parts of you that feel unworthy, the parts that worry there isn’t enough. Make peace with those voices. What is truly yours will be waiting for you.

4 ~ The Sweat Lodge

The sweat lodge represents the womb of Mother Earth. Volcanic stones are heated in a fire outside, then brought into the lodge and placed in a shallow hole in the center. Participates sit in complete darkness around the red hot stones to sweat away old habits and beliefs, and heal disease. When you return humbly to the womb of Mother, you are offered second chances.

Life is offering you a second chance. Take it, since it may not come your way again for a while! Mother Earth is calling you into her womb and inviting you to incubate as long as needed for spiritual rebirth. Gift yourself time to be with your darkness- your fears, yours pain, and your seeds of beautiful potential- until you come out of the other side free, wise, and full of creativity.

5 ~ The Curse

The Curse refers to the limiting stories of our ancestors, and the karma from former lifetimes that preordains the events of our lives. It is the source of negative patterns, and it can show up as a disease, a destructive force, or a blockage on our creative energy. The Curse holds us hostage to a false story that we confuse for reality. Recognizing the original wound that is playing out in our life can heal it.

Be aware of your actions. Act with impeccable intention so not to create debt or karma, that sooner or later, someone has to pay. What you do to others, you also do to yourself and to the people you love the most. Now you have the opportunity to clean it up.

6 ~ The Staff

The Staff is a symbol of authority. It holds the power to temper extremes. The staff helps you find the right course of action, the “way of the middle,” and aides you to maintain your balance after you begin walking in that direction. The staff reminds you of the impermanence of all things, and that your authority must come from your deep longing to serve.

You are caught in the delicate balance between opposing forces, between masculine and feminine, between action and nonaction. Use this to your advantage, as there can be no day without night, no low without high, no wrong without right. This is the time to take corrective action, beginning with your beliefs about what need to be fixed or repaired. Let destiny take its course, nudging it slightly along.

7 ~ Compass

“As long as you orient your compass to True North – the direction of your higher power – you will never be lost.”

What is your higher power right now? Whatever you constantly focus on long enough becomes your higher power. If you worry about financial insecurity, materialism is your idol; if you obsess over a relationship, that is your god; if you are concerned about your weight or your looks or your status, you have lost your personal power and your way. Nothing but Spirit can be your guiding force. You will never truly find what you seek if these worries and distractions are your constant focus.

Surrender… and shift your compass. Be still and watch as the needle points to True North. Align yourself and you will easily find your way back to where you are meant to be.

8 ~ Strength

“Your true strength comes not from self reliance, but from a sincere faith in a higher power.”

When to see the Strength card reversed, pay particular attention to your health, for this indicates that your body, mind and spirit need strengthening at this time. Exercise, rest, and proper nutrition are necessary to keep you in balance. Don’t deplete yourself through overwork, as now is the time for building your stamina. Perhaps you feel old bonds weakening in a relationship. If they are in danger of being broken, they may need repair. Attend to them before the burden gets too heavy. Be strong, face the reality of your relationship at this time, and give it your attention, for any fragile threads may give way. Let go of whatever robs you of your life force, and trust that something better will take its place.

9 ~ Solitude

“ I am comfortable in my own skin, as I detach to replenish my soul.”

Meditation is required when you receive the Solitude card as a sign. Empty your mind of superfluous thoughts, and allow stillness to flow through your whole being. This is not an advantageous time to ask questions or push forward in any way. Rather, it’s a period for a conscious retreat.

What’s called for now is to step back and take your focus off of your life and your troubles. You’ll be surprised by how things sort themselves out once you’ve replenished your energy by means of a much- needed rest and time-out.

10 ~ Encouragement

“You are receiving a nudge in the right direction.”

A misstep isn’t the end of the world. You’ve fallen into a trap of false courage, and only humility will bring you out to it. Perhaps you weren’t listening to your intuition, and now you’re in a jam. Being too self-reliant , without knowing the ropes, has brought you to this place. Don’t become too discouraged. All is well.. and you can always start again, take another road, and surely discover new territories where love really blooms. Just remember to rely on your higher power. You can’t always get what you want, but Spirit knows your needs. Something better waits around the corner.

11 ~ Wishing Well

“Desire is the sacred impulse for life. Feel it, but let go of all the attachment to ownership.”

Desire is the most important impulse for creating life. Now you’re seeing the relationship between desire and inspiration, and sensing that moment of truth when you feel the inception of new life. It is an “Aha!” moment when everything makes sense.

Perhaps you recognize a soul mate, or are conceiving a baby or an idea. The Wishing Well card awakens you to the presence of unseen forces that enable new beginnings. Divine intelligence activates the field of possibilities where new life is co-created in a magical way. Neither you nor anyone else can know how or why this happens. It just does.

To that end, you can’t control the process of growth. Rather, you must step aside to be a channel for higher forces and relinquish any attachment to how this new creation should appear, or when. Form your intention, and take action by dropping the coin into the Wishing Well; then trust in Spirit. Prepare to be amazed.

12 ~ Summer Solstice ~ Radiance ~

Let the radiance of the sun inspire your inner radiance to shine forth. Release your concerns about what may happen in the future, and focus on appreciating everything you have that is good and right. Allow Father Sun to take away your worries and cares. Do something physically active to stimulate your inner light. Dance. Sing. But most important, get outdoors. Do not let any negative thoughts or habits stop you. When you are in love with Life, you naturally radiate that love. During this part of your cycle, your capacity to love is greatly amplified. In one of those supreme ironies of Life, the more love you give, the more returns to you. It starts by allowing the radiant Being you truly are to be expressed to the world. Smile a little more. Notice the beauty of Nature. See the humor in the paradoxes of Life. Show your love, especially with those with whom you’re the closest. Then smile even more, and watch how the world around you lights up!

13 ~ Wolf ~Instincts~

You have lost touch with your instinctual sensitivities. It is the result of cultural and/or religious proscriptions dictating that anything wild and instinctual is threatening and, therefore, has to e controlled or eliminated. Now is the time to overcome this limited mindset and tune in to the instinctual cues. Let the Spririt of Wolf be your teacher, and call upon this benevolent being for help identifying what those specific cues are saying.

Shed some of your inhibitions with the only guideline being to “do no harm”. Experiment by getting out of the straightjacket of familiar societal norms and listening to those sensations in your gut that are trying to give you a message. It may be a warning or an urging to take action of some sort. Take some deep breaths, and simply notice what your bodily sensations are telling you. Your mind will be the receiver of that information, and your body and mind can learn to work more closely with each other once again.

14 ~ Tsunami – Wake up call

You are getting a wake-up call. It may be in the form of a significant loss or other dramatic event in your life, typically one that you were not prepared for initially. You may feel stunned at first, surprised by the unexpected events that are occurring. Yet you also know that it is time to draw back the curtain of avoidance and denial, and confront the truth the exists in the subtext of the event. You are experiencing a real life drama, so there is no need to amplify it more than it already is. Often when you look back after something like this has passed, you can recall the signs the forshadowed it happening. There may have been obvious clues that you ignored or omens that were so subtle they were easy to dismiss as imaginings of the mind rather than the voice of your instinct. There are many anecdotes about animals, operating purely on instinct, picking up in clues and naturally seeking higher grounds before an approaching tsunami reaches the land. To negotiate this wake-up call, listen closely to your instincts, while at the same time seeking the higher ground of spiritual truth.

15 ~ Eagle ~ Communion

Whenever you experience a heartfelt communion with some physical expression of Life- plant, animal, human or anything else- it is only then that you can truly feel how your life force is similar to the life force that is all around you. It is only a matter of differences in form. An essence is articulated into the psychical world in a multitude of ways that is the same in everything and everyone, although it manifests in various shapes and characteristics. This essence is spirit emanating from the core of all things. Communion with Nature is essential for you now. Take some time to do an open-eyed meditation with any nearby animal or plant.

Relax your body as much as possible, breathe consciously, and keep your attention on the life form you are communing with. After a few moments, you will notice a sense of the boundaries dissolving, a meddling of the “I” and “Thou.” You May even receive messages or impressions as you find yourself in the flow of unspoken communication.

A~ Air ~Thought, Breath, Intention~

Air comes to you now with an invitation to receive a fresh wave of energy and inspiration in your life. If there is something in your life that you would like to grow, develop, or improve, take time to imagine how you would like things to be. Create a picture in your mind of what you would really love to see. Hold this vision and think about it often- soon it will come alive in the world around you.

Find a quiet place where the air is fresh and clean… listen to the sounds of the wind and imaging the message it is trying to share with you today. What do you choose to create today? This year? With clarity comes great power. Begin with how you breathe.

H~ Wild Horse ~ Freedom, Sensitivity, Spirit~

With all the noise of the phones, computers, TVs and life around us, the message of Horse is to listen to the quiet feelings of your body and sense what is right and true for you. Every moment of the day you are Cc surrounded by miracles and magic, you just have to be opening to seeing them and letting them come your way. Horse says, don’t let yourself be pulled in directions that don’t “feel” right deep inside. And don’t try to do too many things all at once. Don’t think too much about tomorrow, just take a deep breath and bring all of your attention to the magic in this moment right here… and here… and here. With Horse as your Guide, even the simplest moments can hold miracles.

It’s time to take a step, smell the breeze and open your eyes to what’s around you. If it feels good, take another step and open yourself to what comes next. If the wind shifts, calling you someplace new, move in that direction, and see what that feels like. Trust the wisdom of your inner senses. Follow the path of warmth and light. Follow what feels good in your body and Horse will lead you into the field of magic possibilities.

D~ Dolphin ~ Joy, Light, Flow~

Dolphin brings you the magic gift of freedom and playfulness today. Her message is simple and clear: when you feel joy on the inside, you being joy into the world. So one of the most important things you could ever do with your life is simply to enjoy it. When life seems serious or difficult, Dolphin says don’t fight the waves – sure them instead. Miracles come even we have fun.

What can you do to have fun today? Dolphin’s call is to let yourself do more of the simple things you love doing… and to find ways to bring more play and joy into the things you don’t normally like doing at all.

G~ Gaia ~ Harmony, Abundance, Life ~

Our Earth is a living, breathing being, constantly shifting her environment to keep the world healthy for all of her children. They is a great loving energy that weaves each plant, animal, element, mineral, and person together into the balance of life. That energy is Mother Earth, or as some call get, Gaia.

As a great mother cares for her children, Mother Earth (Gaia) honors you for the special part you came here to play in the great creation story- simply by being yourself.

Gaia’s great invitation to you is to see yourself as a special member of the family of life – very unique and wonderfully connected to everyone else. See the special qualities within yourself. Gaia’s message is that all the beauty, flow, power, strength, and wisdom that you see in the natural world, you also carry inside of you!

Gaia is calling you to spend time in nature. When you take time to be outside with the animals and elements of Gaia you discover many wonderful things about life and also about yourself. She will always be there to great you with open arms.

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