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Super New Moon in Virgo Oracle Card Pull

I pulled some collective cards for this Super New Moon energy that is in the air and coming to us on the 30th. 5 cards was the number that stood out to pull for each. 5 represents big changes coming and I feel this New Moon is about to shake things up.

1-5 represent the message Spirit wants you to have in regards to this Super New Moon energy, 6-10 are the supporting cards for that message and 11-15 are the moon energy for this Super New Moon.

Take a moment and take some deep breaths. Let your intuition guide you to the cards. Choose 1-5, then choose your supporting card 6-10, and then your moon card 11-15. Leave your chosen cards in the comments. I will reveal the messages later. Share with a friend that may need some guidance too.

If you would like an extended reading off of your chosen cards, than you can send Moon Sisters Tribe a private message on Facebook or email at for more details on booking a reading.

Oracle decks used:

Mystical Shaman Oracle by, Alberto Villoldo ~ Collette Baron Reid ~ Marcela Lobos

Natures Whispers by, Angela Hartfield ~ Josephine Wall

Moonology by, Yasmin Boland

May your Super New Moon seeds be planted and your manifestations come into your reality. Namaste 🙏🏻

1 ~ Thunder

Legends speak of great Thunder Beings who live in the sky and call for your attention when great occurrences are meant to happen in the world. They warn when tensions in a situation are called upon to be released. Their presence in your reading reminds you of the dramatic moments in life that change everything. Both awesome and frightening when Thunder arrives, it is also a wake-up call, one that you will not soon forget.

Do you feel like unnecessary drama is waylaying your life? Could be exhausted from listening to others tell you their never-ending victim story, or could you be telling yourself a version of the same? It’s time for an about-face; you’re being warned that to continue on this path will cause you to regret your choices, even if they appear benign or familiar. It’s time to say no to drama, both yours and others. Focus on solutions rather than problems. You are worthy of a drama free life.

2~ Spiral

From galaxies in this sky to diminutive shells at the beach, the spiral is found extensively in the natural world. Its shape in the form of a coiled serpent has been used since ancient times as a tool for growth and transformation. The spiral is a guide for entering deep into one’s consciousness and the unknown, and then extending far out into the heavens. It is crucial to surrender to this journey until the exhausted paradigm dissolves in the depths of the psyche and its energy is released to give birth to a new reality.

The Spiral announces a decent to the depth and a rebirth. Allow nothing to get in the way of this process, as the time is right and the forces of nature are supporting you in this endeavor. Using stones, twigs, or yarn build a spiral on the ground that is large enough to walk through with at least three turns. Enter the spiral slowly. Once in the center, offer to the Earth the feelings or situations that you no longer want in your life. As you walk back the way you entered, feel recharged for your new journey.

3~ The Sorcerer

This is the source of dark power. The Sorcerer represents the destructive aspect of the human psyche and self-centered behavior that harms others. It’s symbolizes the unconscious beliefs and ideas that foster separation, conflict and scarcity.

Have you been feeling out of sorts because you’ve been faced with your own character flaws and the pain that you inflict on others when you are out of alignment? Radical self-acceptance is called for now. You just reconcile these darker aspects of your nature so you don’t behave irresponsibly and cause harm to yourself and the ones you love. It’s time to come out of denial and accept responsibility for your words and deeds. When you meet the energy of the Sorcerer with humanity, this destructive power transforms into grace, which you can use in service to the highest good. Perhaps it’s time to make amends. Do it. It will set you free from the shadows and let you step into the Light.

4~ The Blade

The Blade represents sharpness of the mind, body and spirit. Pointing upward, it summons the power of heaven. When aimed down to the ground, it anchors the power of the heavens on Earth. The blade can be a healing tool or a weapon. Wield it wisely, and it will transmit power, bestow initiations, cut energetic cords from the past, or sever toxic relationships. Use it with anger, and it will slash, stab and kill.

You are invited to draw your blade and use it. It is not auspicious to hesitate, to waste time in idle talk, or to hide from the inevitable. Heaven and Earth are aligned to support you in claiming your power, so take decisive action. Overcome your fear of hurting others, unsheathe the blade, and use it wisely.

5~ Beauty Way

The Beauty Way is both a path that you travel on and a daily practice. The path is where you choose to perceive only beauty before you, behind you, and all around you as you journey through life. The practice is where you take action to bring beauty to every situation you are in. When things get ugly, you act to bring integrity and peace to the difficult encounter. When everyone else perceives only darkness, you point out the light and help uncover hidden treasures.

The Beauty Way invites you to create beauty in your life and to recognize the beauty inside yourself and in others. Stop to smell the roses, take a deep breath, look up at the stars, and recognize the splendor that surrounds you. See the beauty in whatever situation you find yourself in and you will receive the lesson that life is teaching you in a kind and gentle way.

6~ Make A Decision

Your sheer determination is highlighted at this time. Your spirit will support your desires and manifestations. The ability to create or destroy has always been within your skill base. You have the wisdom and confidence needed to use these skills constructively. Now is the time to act, if you know what it is you want to accomplish and why. Since the powers of transformation are at your command, change your desires into objectives, your thoughts into actions, your goals into achievements. If you have recently met with failure, know you can change that failure into success. The only limits you have are those your impose on yourself.

7~ Clear out the old

Whatever you are experiencing now is a creation that you have brought into existence from past thoughts and feelings. While in this moment it may have you caught up, you can let go and begin to dream a new reality. Let go of the aspects of this creation that no longer serve you or have a purpose. Release what has gone wrong in the past. Release also any material possessions that do not serve the new dream that you want to create. Know that where you are now, you can create anew and begin again.

8~ Contemplation

Enjoy your own company. This is a wonderful time for you to recognize and consider the things you enjoy most in your life. Make a point of spending a little time allowing your mind to wander away from the every day concerns that occupy your time. Give yourself an opportunity to be inspired. Ruminate on your inner voice and listen to your own counsel.

9~ Heighten Your Vitality

Tap into the depths of your being and draw on your personal power. If you feel like your energy is low, infuse your mind with the warmth of sunlight and visualize this light bringing new energy into you. You have energetic reserves to draw. Allow this energy boost to flow through you. Connect with others or do something you love to continue creating the change you need. Spend time with a friend. Smile, laugh and share human touch.

10~ Keep Your Dreams Alive

Start to identify plans and actions that will lead you to achieve your dreams and goals. Your dreams can become your reality. This is a time when you need to be able to apply detailed planning in order to manifest your dreams and realize your goals. You need to remain focused on the practical side of things. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. It is easy to be distracted by more ideas and concepts. Keep focused on what is realistic and achievable. Your common sense and pragmatic approach will lead you to a solution that actually works. Begin taking steps that will bring you closer to your dreams.

11~ Full Moon in Aquarius

Show the world the real You!

12~ New Moon in Capricorn

Your hard work is paying off.

13~ Waning Moon

What do you need to release?

14~ New Moon in Taurus

Prosperity lies ahead.

15~ Full Moon in Virgo

You are good enough!

Again if you feel drawn and would like an extended reading off of your chosen cards, than you can send Moon Sisters Tribe a private message on Facebook or email at for more details on booking a reading.

Much love to you all. 💜

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