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Child Spirit Within Guidance

We all have a child spirit within us. Many parts of our life make the essence of this child spirit we have within. Many of us don’t realize that there are many messages to be heard if only we listen to this little voice of guidance that can have a big impact on the adults that we are today. Which picture are you drawn to? Which child like essence within you is reaching out to give you a message? Let your intuition guide you.

1) The essence of this child spirit is all about that feeling of being caged up. As this child looks through the fence at the person that was meant to be, before society came and said, “fit in this box.” Unable to fully express yourself and your desires in life. This child is telling you that’s it’s time to become who you were always meant to become. Don’t let anyone tell you who to be. Break free from the caged box into the person you truly are! Remove the mask and reveal You! Now is your time to shine. Free yourself!

2) The essence of this child spirit within is all about what beliefs were forced on you growing up. It’s time to release this! Maybe you grew up in a very religious house hold or maybe you grew up in a home that had no beliefs at all. This child is urging you to find what feels right to you spiritually. It’s time to open yourself up to something new or something you have always been drawn to. Let your soul get a good cleanse as you explore your spirituality. Don’t let yourself get lost in other’s beliefs. Instead it’s time to find your own beliefs through what feels right in your soul.

3) The essence of this child spirit is all about curious exploration. You have been disconnected for too long with the world around you. It’s time to get out in nature and view this world through your child spirit within. It’s not about meditating in nature either. This is about truly exploring the outdoors. Use your senses. Smell the flowers, feel the wind, hug a tree, listen to the creatures or the water flowing down the stream. Doing this will help you truly connect again with Mother Earth. Too often we are in nature and yet we aren’t, because we don’t truly explore what is there for us to see and feel.

4) The essence of this child spirit is all about your wishes. As a child you had a soul full of wishes! This child is telling you it’s time to start manifesting those wishes. You have the power to create everything you wish into reality. Too often it is forgotten the true magical power that is within. It’s time to remember and not let the negative self doubt creep in. Let light and positivity surround you. When a child wishes for something, they believe it will come true with every part of their soul. Like the kite that soars in the sky, allow your wish to fly high as well. The universe will catch it and help you in manifesting it in your reality. The key is believing it will come true!

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