Intuitive Activities

Stone Intuition

Use your intuition to guide you to your answer. What stone is beneath the singing bowl? Meditate for a moment and see what stone comes to you. Leave your comment below.

The stone beneath is Picture Jasper!

This is stone is very Earthy and grounding. It’s an amazing stone for protection, abundance, expansion and new beginnings. It has the energy to connect you with Lady Gaia and her powerful energy. It can help aid you on your path of soul discovery. It is very healing on both a spiritual and physical level. Use this stone to throw the habit of smoking out. Picture Jasper is thought to boost the immune system and to cleanse toxins and pollutants from the body.  Also a great stone for inspiring creativity, creating a new business, traveling, increasing fertility and promoting a healthy pregnancy. Get grounded with your Root Chakra and open your third eye with Picture Jasper.

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