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What is your stone?

Use your intuition as you choose the stone/card that you are drawn to. Leave your answer in the comments.

1) Calcite

Your energy levels are on the increase and you will soon feel a new found sense of vitality and enthusiasm for life. An exciting new venture is in store. You will find yourself communicating your ideas and feelings to others with clarity and certainty. People will pay attention and want to be part of your venture. Calcite is also about the expanded awareness which stems from knowledge, study and learning. This magical crystal will assist you in your studies and enhance your memory. It will also help you put your knowledge to good use in ways the expand the possibilities for your life.

2) Stichtite in Serpentine

Fear and negative thoughts are preventing you from experiencing peace and joy in your life. They are blocking your creativity, and as a consequence, your life seems dull and dreary. You can change this situation my consciously choosing to love and trust the universe instead of fearing it. Sit quietly in meditation and invoke the healing power of love, imaging yourself bathed in beautiful healing energies. Visualize all the colors of the rainbow swirling within and around you. Feel these beautiful healing colors flowing though your mind and heart and imagine your thoughts being infused with eternal light. Practice this each day as it will help you transform negative and fearful thoughts to positive inspirations. There is nothing to fear, you are eternally surrounded by love.

3) Amulet Stone (Thunder Eggs)

Travel plans will soon be on the horizon. An unexpected opportunity will soon arise which will see you preparing to travel to a far away place. The amulet stone offers you protection and guidance while traveling. While away you will discover interesting ways of integrating your physical and spiritual life as well as your business and personal life. Ideas and opportunities arise that you will find both rewarding and stimulating. Allow yourself to keep an open heart and mind.

4) Fluorite

Fluorite emanates highly spiritual vibration that can shield you from a negative influence or negative person that is causing you to be emotionally imbalanced. Know that you are being surrounded by love and light, and trust in the protection that you are now receiving. Let go of your fears and concerns and allow this wonderful healing to occur. Start to focus on the things that bring joy to your life. Focus on all you would love to be doing rather than worrying about what others would think. You are safe and eternally loved. Nothing can harm you except your own fears. Trust!

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Crystal Oracle deck by, Toni Carmine Salerno

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